Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009

Advent Calendar

Since chocolate delivers lots of calories, I decided to make an advent calender to my beloved husband with no calories but tons of love & precious moments to remember.
I took the idea from the Kaisercrafts blog. I tried to get those papers in Cologne Germany, but I couldn't. So here is my variation with scrapbooking paper from S.E.I
Take a look, & enjoy!

I promise to show you how the 24 pages are looking.
I'm working daily to get them :-)


Last week I was dedicated to create some turkey birds as place card & thanksgiving's trivia for our friends dinner. We spent a beautiful night with great people. It was so much fun! The real bird tasted delicious, and the orange-cranberries sauce made it perfect.

Here you can see how the birdies "grow".

Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

natural love

A couple of years ago Mauri told me:"... autumn is the most beautiful season of the year..." Since I always love the heat of summer I was thinking:"... no way..."
But time is wise, and even if I still love summertime I have to say autumn is gorgeous!
In those pictures we captured little autumn beauty,
but we got great pics of our kids.
Maybe because it's november the month of giving thanks, I'm getting sentimental, but I want to thank my two loved friends: Tere & Bettina.  Tere for leaving me this precious present when you left: Bettinas friendship. And  Bettina for ALWAYS beeing there, for hearing (lotssssss of words :-), helping,
sharing your family and love; & for loving Santi like you do.

So, here is the page of an spectacular day with you!

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Buenos Aires

Here is it! We are done!

Santi's first trip to Argentina!

It took me years to decide how to scrap this unfogetable & unique moment.

Axel paint every single color dot. I choosed the sketch, filete, colours... I even choosed the fotos :-)
But he did the "art" part.
I'm not sooo embaraced, I take this as one of the most beautiful present he could give me.

Me costó realmente mucho decidir como hacer esta página. Queria que sea perfecta y lo logré!!!
A pesar de los agnos y la distancia, la sangre sigue guitarreando al compás de la reina del plata y de cada uno de ustedes a quienes amo con el alma.

Es en honor a ustedes, y lo que "mame" de chica.

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

He loves me yeah!

Give me a couple of hours. The most wanted scrap page is getting ready...

Axel did a GREAT!!!! job, putting so much love in his painting. It's about "filete porteno"; my loving family & my precious country.

Thank you soooooo much!!!

i libi di :-)

Summer @ home

That was our summer!
Fun, delicious food, water, sun, laughs.

The round stile is contageous!!!

Great weekend at the Cherry Pie to learn lots of things.

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

Cherry Pie Creations Workshop - Netherlands

I had the pleasure of being taught by Vicky Boutin last saturday!!! I had a great time, I laughed a lot, my heart was bright & shiny; she is a great person.

She showed us how to keep the fun & joy by crafting. We "played" with color, acryl, stamps,& paper. It was a new way to decorate our pages. I changed the original layout, but I think it turned out really good :-)

What do you think of it?!

Mittwoch, 9. September 2009


That's my first mini album!
I did it for our friendsd 4t's
I tryed to collect moments we spend together for the last 9 years.
the cover & the back
the first time meeting each other in Cala Santanyí - Mallorca
the kids
Our honeymoon.
The last pages us a greeting card

I'm happy they like it a lot!

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

Mallorca 2005

I did this page without any scrapbooking guide, not even for the sketch. I'm totally proud about it; but I'm happy! I discover the CK Magazin - Becky Higgins - & the scrapevenings :-)
Made September 2008

Prince charming

I took this Idea from my Becky Higgings Sketches Magazin , vol.2
It was the perfect way to put lots of pictures from diferent moments in one page & to use my new slice. Santa was sooo nice...

Halloween 08

This was our halloween 08!
My son was wearing a selfmade costum wich it should be the masculine Boo (from Monsters Inc).
We hat lot's of fun, and later everyone tryed his costum :-)

This is one of the pages I did after I found a scrapbooking store near to Köln. A store where you can see and touch the materials.
Special Memories, in the Netherlands came into my life like a present. They organized scrapevenings,so I could watch and learn a lot from those guys.