Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Getting sunshine in this rainy day

Here is my newest page: Easter 2010
It's great to work with those colors while outside it's raining :-)

It's the first time I've used my "slice" for so many things.
It was a great help not to cut every single egg.

Layout from CK April 2010 
 Cardstock; Patterned Paper: Imaginice & Scrapbook Walls;Crepe paper; Chipboard letters: doodlebug design inc

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

Kindergarden mini books II

I've finished the little ones!

A couple of mistakes, but it's learning by doing & its handmade :-)

That's Santi's picture for his lovely teacher. In the selfmade envelop it's a thank you card.

Santi's picture for his second teacher.

Pictures of an act where there children were playing "the elves from cologne"
He is our little elf.

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Kindergarden mini books

My son is changing his kindergarten, so I'm doing a mini album for each of his two teachers

It still under construction :-)


Since we came back from our holidays in Egipt,
I'm trying my self in cards.
Here they are:

I love that little bird :-)