Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

Mallorca 2005

I did this page without any scrapbooking guide, not even for the sketch. I'm totally proud about it; but I'm happy! I discover the CK Magazin - Becky Higgins - & the scrapevenings :-)
Made September 2008

Prince charming

I took this Idea from my Becky Higgings Sketches Magazin , vol.2
It was the perfect way to put lots of pictures from diferent moments in one page & to use my new slice. Santa was sooo nice...

Halloween 08

This was our halloween 08!
My son was wearing a selfmade costum wich it should be the masculine Boo (from Monsters Inc).
We hat lot's of fun, and later everyone tryed his costum :-)

This is one of the pages I did after I found a scrapbooking store near to Köln. A store where you can see and touch the materials.
Special Memories, in the Netherlands came into my life like a present. They organized scrapevenings,so I could watch and learn a lot from those guys.