Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011


Hello rainy day!

It's pouring!!! We had an excursion to the zoo, but we canceled. I'm glad! We got sooooooooo wet just going to kindergarden!!! 

Anyway, I'm home & could finished a little mini album, I've started yesterday.

It's made of one 12' x 12' paper + covers + decoration.

It's simple, but fits to the lime trees in the sun :-)

I' did it as a present, but I like it a lot.... Maybe I'll keep it :-))))

Have a nice day, how ever the weather is around you!

I've used: PP Basic grey Gypsy moonbeam + sandal - punches from Martha Stewart (butterfly), Fiskars (border) & Stampin'up (circles & hearts)

explosion box

We are going to a 70 birthday party, we need a card & a money pocket.

That's the "good wishes, money card holder" I did.

It's not really finished right now.
 I have to make a little embellishment, but I think it's good for a delicate, nice, 70 years old onkel :-)

I've used: PP Cosmo cricket Lil'man (dapper dan) - Cardstock from Stampin'up vanilla - bordeaux from color core. the tutorial for the box is from youtube.

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011


I did!!!!
I finally made a layout!!!

I'm happy!!!

The photos are not so good, but I like how it turned out.

I wanted to call this page in another way, but I couldn't find a word to describe: "luftkuss or beso mariposa"...
Do you know one???!!!

I've used: Kraft/Savanne Paper (stampin'up) + Little Boy (echo park) + Martha Stewart puncher. Letter from: maya road self painted + Slice & lots of dimensional foam :-)

While I'm working on a explosion box with cake for a 70. birthday where we are invitet, 
I wish you a great short week!

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

lime trees

This week I didn't find time to seat & used my hands in paper.... 
I'm kind of stock with layouts & I'll love to do something... 
Maybe today :-)
So I don't have something to show.

But today I was riding home, & even if it's a grey windy day, I had to close my eyes & enjoy the smell of the lime trees. 
They are blooming right now!

It's  friday, the weekend it's in front of your door. 
Try to close your eyes, breathe deeply & let the smell fill your soul. 
It will be a great inspiration for your weekend feeling.

I hope for me, it's inspiring me to make a new layout :-)

I wish you a great weekend & I hope you don't have an allergy :-)

Kind of early this year... This picture it's from last year, from the day we came back from Egypt. End of June.

Lime tree= linden tree - That's the tranlation I founded for Tilo

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

while it was soccer time...

While our little star was playing soccer with his friends, I was "working" for his upcoming belated birthday party @ kindergarden.
The teacher said, just plain muffins, no chocolate, no fruits, no decoration. Lots of kids, won't eat them! & really important it's that Santi has something to give away, 
candy or little chocolates.

So... I cannot make just "plain muffins" :-) Some decoration must be on it!

It turned like this:

This pins will go over & into each muffin. No eatable :-)

In this bags made of an A4 paper will be fill with candy, chocolate & a ballon.

I hope they enjoy it!

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

soccer b-days

Hi dear blog reader!
This weekend we had 2 soccer birthday partys.
I had to do something :-)

The front of this card is made after the inspiration from the scrapbooksetc newsletter

The inside is a  pop up card I've learned @ Splitcoaststampers
It's a great site! Lots to learn, well explained!
Thank you!!!

This one it's like a tag & each ball is reprasenting an other boy.
I've used: Stickers from me & big ideas - my slice - plain cardstock

I hope you enjoy, it's comming more :-)

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

holy monster "the second"

Good morning everybody!

I hope you have a great day today!

I wanna show you my last creation, 
which it should be the last holy card in this season...

I did not want it to be really similar with "holy monster the first", but the person I made it for, wanted a holy monster :-)

And here is he with his fish :-)

And the little pocket for the money.

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

holy cards

This is a really christian time over here.
Everybody has an invitation to a holy comunion or a confirmation.

I'm glad, because I can make some cards for those people who had other preferences  after God.

Here are my really unconvencional ones :-)

This first one is for a girl who loves soccer. 
The tutorial for the side step card is a click away.
Thank you Beate for sharing!!!

There is a little pocket to put money as a present.

This second one it has a money pocket too & a little surprise: 

 a flowers bouquet!

The tutorial is from Martha Stewart Crafts
there is a video as well which make easier to understand how to put the flowers together.

Have fun trying that!

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

her words

Hi everybody!

That's another mini album to preserve children's words.
This time I did it for a little girl.

I hope the mother likes it, but make your own opinion:

I've used PP von Making Memories "Flutter" + Martha Stewart Punch + Pinkpaislee expressions wimsies  + Stampin' up 1/2" circle + some cardstock.

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

his words

Here is another mini mini album!
I have to thank the inspiration from the scrapbook werkstatt forum during the easter weeks. Especially Elena the lady that made the tutorial!

I've made this little book to collect all the wonderful words our son is creating & using.
For example: U.S.A.nisch for English :-)

I'm sure he will have fun reading it when he gets older.
A great memories keeper book!

PP cosmo cricket twist & shout - cogsmo: bandwidth + mr.roboto + journaling cards
letter: pinkpaislee: pumpkin
The inside of a cable + pieces from electrical supplies

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

getting invited

I'm so glad I've learned how to do "wine bottle cards".
Those are a great way to wrap, decorate, dedicate this treat.

To celebrate "Spring" our neighbours invited us to a grill party.

Here you can see what we brought.

I hope you like it!

Cardstock: savanne - vanille + PP cosmo cricket togetherness: reunion
punches: Ek & Stampin'up

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011


My friends lovely daughter Clara, wished her self a trip to London for her birthday.
So, they took the car & celebrate Easter time in London enjoying great weather, this terrific city, & darling friends.

Since she is getting a teenager I've made a little plain envelope album for her.

I hope she likes it & she can save some souvenirs of this trip in her album.

I made the envelopes again by my own, but I'll be in London in 4 weeks & I'll buy this size of envelopes in tons :-)

The paper it's made of a photo of a drawing from a travel guide.
 Cardstock from Stampin'up & some scrapbook online store.