Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

lime trees

This week I didn't find time to seat & used my hands in paper.... 
I'm kind of stock with layouts & I'll love to do something... 
Maybe today :-)
So I don't have something to show.

But today I was riding home, & even if it's a grey windy day, I had to close my eyes & enjoy the smell of the lime trees. 
They are blooming right now!

It's  friday, the weekend it's in front of your door. 
Try to close your eyes, breathe deeply & let the smell fill your soul. 
It will be a great inspiration for your weekend feeling.

I hope for me, it's inspiring me to make a new layout :-)

I wish you a great weekend & I hope you don't have an allergy :-)

Kind of early this year... This picture it's from last year, from the day we came back from Egypt. End of June.

Lime tree= linden tree - That's the tranlation I founded for Tilo

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  1. Das riecht nach Frühsommer, lecker!

    Schönes Wochenende, Veridiana