Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011


My friends lovely daughter Clara, wished her self a trip to London for her birthday.
So, they took the car & celebrate Easter time in London enjoying great weather, this terrific city, & darling friends.

Since she is getting a teenager I've made a little plain envelope album for her.

I hope she likes it & she can save some souvenirs of this trip in her album.

I made the envelopes again by my own, but I'll be in London in 4 weeks & I'll buy this size of envelopes in tons :-)

The paper it's made of a photo of a drawing from a travel guide.
 Cardstock from Stampin'up & some scrapbook online store.

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  1. I like it, great album! How should I write German or English? My English isn't good. Thanks for your comment!
    Und versuch dich mal an dem TriShutter, es ist echt einfach- Grundgerüst steht innerhalb von 20 Minuten! Viele Grüße Petra