Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

tiny daisy

This mini mini album I've finished @ the workshop 
still being empty, but it's not really an UFO :-)

It's 7,7 cm x 5,1 cm and even if it's bigger than the heartmini album 
I don't know what pictures should I put inside.

It may be end as a book with cool sentences, those I love to remember.
Like: " I wanna grow up, so chocolate cookies & tv stop being bad for me"

Take a look & have a nice day!

All materials I've used by the UFOs are from Stampin Up.

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

second UFO - happy 2ba family

Here is my version of the Layout, Jenni explained us on saturday.
I'm trying to work out an UFO a day :-)
On the workshop, this layout was on a frame. I have to contact Gaby through Jenni. She make the frames @ her own & they are not expensive :-)


Das ist mein 2ter. UFO ich versuche sie abzuarbeiten.
Für den Rahmen muss ich Gaby durch Jenni kontaktieren. 
Sie macht diese tolle Rahmen selber!

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

fist UFO - just loving you

From the wonderful workshop I brought some UFOs (un-finish objekts)
But today, I finished the  mini tiny heart album.
It has photos, title & journaling.

Those pictures are from our loooooong beautiful vacation in Argentina, enjoying unconditional family love.
I wish my self, our son can realize how much loved he is.

take a look & have a lovely day!

Aus den wunderbaren Workshop brachte ich einige  UFOs (unfinish objekts)
Aber heute, beende ich das mini winzigen Herz Album.

Diese Bilder sind aus unserem laaaaannngen schönen Urlaub in Argentinien, wo wir diese einmaligen bedingungslosen Familien Liebe spüren könnten.

Schau mal wie es geworden ist & habt ein schönen Tag!

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

a great day!

What a wonderful day!!!!

I was by a workshop from Jenni Pauli & we did loooootttssss of things!!!
3 Mini albums + a layout + 1 mini album to finish @ home.

It was great because I did not feel any presion to be fast. 
It was really confortable& delicious :-)

Tomorrow I'll be adding pictures of what I did, but here is a link to see what Jenni prepare for us.
Thank you dear Jenni!!!

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

hanging around

This mini was a present for our neighbours.
They are allways so kind... helping, driving or just browing coffee to talk about the day.
And we were invited to there party :-)

An empty leporelo  for a summer vacation... 
I hope we get a posibility to have some summer this 2011 

Those pictures were made @ night... 
The light it's not really good, but I had to give it up :-)

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

paying *nice"

I'm sooooooo excited!!!!
On Saturday I'm going to a workshop & I have to pay.
Jenni ask us to put the money in an envelope, so everybody is fast & she doesn't have to give change.
I though it would be a good Idea, to make a nice envelope :-)

Ich bin soooooo aufgeregt!
Am Samstag, werde ich einen Scrapbook Workshop besuchen & natürlich müss ich auch bezahlen.
Jenni hat uns gebeten, das Geld in einen Umschlag zu tun, so dass Sie nicht Rückgeld geben muss.
I dachte mir, ein Umschlag kann auch "schön" sein :-)

I'll be trying to write in german... but I'sure I'll be doing more mistakes than in english :-)

I've use a tiny mini envelope I got in England (98x68mm) + PP Alphabet soup (mymindseye) + Flutter (Making Memories) + Henry ( October Afternoon) 

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

2 of a kind

Our son & his friend 
sometimes do crazy things.

This time was jumping & dancing.

But as they were little the poured water over a bed. Another time they were swimming in liquid soap over the bathrooms floor :-)
Just collecting experiences.

Lennox mother bought last week, two T-shirts were you can read:
"here comes trouble"

And that fits perfectly to our sweet & spice boys.

Those leporelos are  to remember how much fun they can have together.

Have a nice weekend!

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

flower power

Ok, ok... those are the last ones.

I had to use my last 4 flowers :-)

I've made two cards. Just for fun or just to have some in reserve.

I'm sure, the next birthday it's comming :-)

roses in the box

As I said in the last posting,
 I love those roses!
Easy, cutie, little paper flowers :-) 

We were invited to a birthday party at our neighbous house &
She wishes herself money to buy a sun umbrella.

I made an explosion box, 
it's one of my favorite ways to wrap money presents.

It's made of left pieces of cardstock & It takes less than an hour.

Wishing everybody a nice week!

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

roses to decorate

This is a little card I did for a scrapper friend , 
but I'll be doing a couple more :-)
We had 4 birthday @ one day.

While I was looking how to make different flowers, I saw those by  plain jane .
I love them! They are easy & fast.

I wish you a nice flowrish sunny day!

I've used Cardstock (NN) from bettypepper + Stampin'up like the embossing powder  & dot stamp.

8 x 11 in layout

Healthy & happy about this beautiful day 
I wanna show you the beginning of a Kindergarden mini (maxi) album in 8 x 11 inches.

Because we got some cerficates in a normal A4 size from Kindergarden, I thought it will be good to make an Album in a size where everything fits together.

Next page will be a day @ the zoo! 

See you later alligator :-)