Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

natural love

A couple of years ago Mauri told me:"... autumn is the most beautiful season of the year..." Since I always love the heat of summer I was thinking:"... no way..."
But time is wise, and even if I still love summertime I have to say autumn is gorgeous!
In those pictures we captured little autumn beauty,
but we got great pics of our kids.
Maybe because it's november the month of giving thanks, I'm getting sentimental, but I want to thank my two loved friends: Tere & Bettina.  Tere for leaving me this precious present when you left: Bettinas friendship. And  Bettina for ALWAYS beeing there, for hearing (lotssssss of words :-), helping,
sharing your family and love; & for loving Santi like you do.

So, here is the page of an spectacular day with you!

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Buenos Aires

Here is it! We are done!

Santi's first trip to Argentina!

It took me years to decide how to scrap this unfogetable & unique moment.

Axel paint every single color dot. I choosed the sketch, filete, colours... I even choosed the fotos :-)
But he did the "art" part.
I'm not sooo embaraced, I take this as one of the most beautiful present he could give me.

Me costó realmente mucho decidir como hacer esta página. Queria que sea perfecta y lo logré!!!
A pesar de los agnos y la distancia, la sangre sigue guitarreando al compás de la reina del plata y de cada uno de ustedes a quienes amo con el alma.

Es en honor a ustedes, y lo que "mame" de chica.