Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

He loves me yeah!

Give me a couple of hours. The most wanted scrap page is getting ready...

Axel did a GREAT!!!! job, putting so much love in his painting. It's about "filete porteno"; my loving family & my precious country.

Thank you soooooo much!!!

i libi di :-)

Summer @ home

That was our summer!
Fun, delicious food, water, sun, laughs.

The round stile is contageous!!!

Great weekend at the Cherry Pie to learn lots of things.

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

Cherry Pie Creations Workshop - Netherlands

I had the pleasure of being taught by Vicky Boutin last saturday!!! I had a great time, I laughed a lot, my heart was bright & shiny; she is a great person.

She showed us how to keep the fun & joy by crafting. We "played" with color, acryl, stamps,& paper. It was a new way to decorate our pages. I changed the original layout, but I think it turned out really good :-)

What do you think of it?!