Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Magic Time

We've enjoyed  magic days at Disneyland Paris!

We had so much fun & we've being huged by this lovely figures.

Here are some pics, so you can enjoy as well :-)

every childs dream!

sleeping beauty's castle

Lord Lancelot's carrousel

Spinning & laughing at Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

He loves mazes!
He was so excited to run through this narrow ways,
discovering sounds & funny faces.
It was his favorite, for the first day.

fallen in a dream!
The parade was overwelming.

Flying with daddy in a rocket!
A great trip to the stars to finished our 1st. day at Disney.

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  1. Hola Valeria. Soy Ana, amiga de tu orgullosa Mami. Estoy compartiendo el album con mi hija Lucía y opina que sos muy parecida a tu Mami y que Santiago es hermoso!
    Se los ve muy bien a todos.
    Cariños a los tres.
    PD: vi a hacer tu torta de zanahorias en la tele y te hice famosa en mi familia contando lo rica que es.