Freitag, 5. November 2010


I'm happy I founded something that's small & I don't have to carry everything with me,
 to make tonight in my first crop-evening @ Bettypepper!!!
I am sooooooo excited!!!! :-)

You know, christmas comes ones a year, but it's faster around the corner as we can imagine,so I decided to do this little cutie trees from:
Scrapbook trends "Holidays" 2009 book.
For the trees you'll need, a triangle lots of paper stripes & something round to roll the bottom of each stripe for curling. I took a brusch. Than you place one piece along a row or line. When you finish at the top you have to cut from the back, the pieces of stripes there are out of the triangle. You can decorated with a star or a button; with a ribbon or just your creativity flows.
It's not ready!
  I still need a nice ribbon & the button for the top it's not on it,
 but tomorrow I'm sure it’ll be. 

I'll be using those little tree for the kindergarden teachers cookie bags, maybe I'll use the back as a wishing card...
I think it's good combination of my son's "work" (cookie baking) & my.

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