Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Even if it’s a couple of day since this new year began,
I wish everybody a healthy, happy, relaxing 2011.

This year I’m enjoying getting together with lovely people by having breakfast reunions.

I don’t really eat for breakfast, but I love coffee & after a while watching others enjoying food, I get to the bread basket as well :-)

Yesterday at kindergarten they’ve made a breakfast for the parents & the children were playing music & singing. It was gorceous!!! I had to swallow my tears.
But it was early (I am a late bird), so I forgot the camera!!!
Well, I’m getting pictures from the parents.
I hope!!!!!!

Tomorrow I’m having breakfast with my darling neighbors.
For this day I’ve made those goodies:

A little birdhouse with candles & chocolate.


I’m back with the birdhouses!
I love them!!!

May those pictures fulfill your heart with a bright smile following you the whole 2011.

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